December 26, 2015

Much faster incremental apt updates

APT’s performance in applying the Pdiffs files, which are the diff format used for Packages, Sources, and other files in the archive has been slow. Improving performance for uncompressed files The reason for this is that our I/O is unbuffered, and we were reading one byte at a time in order to read lines. This changed on December 24, by adding read buffering for reading lines, vastly improving the performance of rred. ... Read more 》

April 1, 2012

[updated] Functional programming language for C programmers and friends

Just for you: module main { import std (range); import (printf, IO); /* print the Fahrenheit-Celcius table for fahr = 0, 20, ..., 300 */ function main(mutable IO io) { Int lower = 0; // lower bound Int upper = 300; // upper bound Int step = 20; // step for (Int fahr in range(lower, upper, step)) { Double celcius = 5 * (fahr - 32) / 9;, "%3d\t%6. ... Read more 》

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