March 2, 2009

debian-cd, dependencies, debimg, comments

Looking at the amd64 CD images of Lenny, I just saw that there is the package ‘gnome’ on disk 1, while some of its dependencies are on disk 2. I don’t think that this is good. Same also applies to K3B on disk 3, and on KDE-disk 1. In my opinion, all packages which are located on a disk X, should only depend on a disk N (N<X). This means that the package gnome would be moved to disk 2, or its dependencies to disk 1. ... Read more

March 1, 2009

debimg update - creating images

Much happened since the last time I wrote about debimg. The project is now registered on Alioth and has a mailing list. On the code side, there have also been several changes. First of all, the repository module has been merged into the master branch. This was the first step towards the creation of the image building, which happened today by introducing the ‘image’ module. The code should be treated as Beta quality, but the project as a whole is Alpha, because the application utilizing debimg. ... Read more

February 12, 2009

debimg core: creating a repository

As I wrote Monday in “debimg core example”, I have an extended version which creates a repository. The problem on Monday was that the code was not far enough to be published. Not much has changed yet, but I considered to create a temporary branch temp/repository to be able to show you the example, and to give you an impression of what the final API will look like (it’s not complete yet, trust me). ... Read more

February 9, 2009

debimg core example

The following example demonstrates the features of debimg core, and how it can be used to fetch a some packages. As you will see when you run this example, debimg uses SHA1 filenames for the downloaded files. This may be changed in a future version. There is also an improved version of this example, which creates a repository, but the needed module (debimg.core.repository) is not public yet, because its far from being finished. ... Read more

February 7, 2009

debimg reloaded - debimg core started

Today, I have published the first pieces of debimg 0.1. The published code includes the resolver, the compression module and the fetcher module. It is rewritten from scratch, this time with a PEP8-conforming style, and more flexible. Because debimg.core does not depend on any specific configuration format, but is configured solely via parameters, it is more flexible than debimg 0.0. This new code enables people to write their own programs related to Debian images easily. ... Read more

May 6, 2008

News on debimg

Well, you may have noticed that debimg 0.1 is still not released. But a lot of work happened over the weekend in my local branch. First of all, debimg’s set support is almost finished. I uploaded a tarball containing the differences between the official lenny weekly build from yesterday and a build created today by debimg, using the tasks of debian-cd 3.0.4 (after manual conversion to a format supported by debimg). ... Read more

April 29, 2008

What will be in debimg 0.1

debimg 0.1 will be the first major milestone in the development of debimg. I will now list some changes compared to the current release, debimg 0.0.3 (Please note that the following text is from an internal NEWS file and may not be correct in some aspects, as it is already some days old) Support for disk splitting This release of debimg adds support for creating media sets, i.e. splitting the packages over multiple disks. ... Read more

April 25, 2008

Work on ubuimg / debimg for Ubuntu started

The work on the Ubuntu version of debimg has begun. The majority of changes will be the following ones (in the order they will be done): 1. Change debimg to use germinate to calculate dependencies (package lists) 2. Add the additional stuff (live, etc.) Once we can recreate the Ubuntu hardy i386 and amd64 alternate disks, work starts on the live filesystem and on merging these features back into debimg master, which will also get support for more archs. ... Read more

April 24, 2008

April Updates

This is a summary of most of my activities since end of march. BTW, I’m still at the T&S step in NM since January (I completed P&P in about 3 days). Also, thank you Tolimar for being the second DD signing my key! GNOME 2.22 (Python) / Updated Packages At the end of march, I updated some GNOME packages. These packages were gnome-python and gnome-python-desktop. The upload of gnome-python-desktop was really important, because the old version depended on libtotem-plparser7, which was not available anymore, and FTBFS because the metacity API changed. ... Read more

April 4, 2008

debimg 0.0.3 - "the checksum" - released

Dear readers, The third release of debimg is available now: 0.0.3 Get the tarball: Verify it: The ChangeLog: Clone git repo: git:// Browse the repo: More Information: Daily images: About debimg debimg is a software designed to replace debian-cd, written in Python, and supporting the creation of single disks for the i386 and amd64 architectures. debimg is of course free software and licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License 3 or (at your option) any later version. ... Read more

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