October 21, 2013

python-apt 0.9 released

I released python-apt 0.9. This completely removes support for the old API from the code base (it was disabled for the entirety of 0.8 in Debian, and in Ubuntu since saucy). Highlights: * Cleanup: Complete removal of old-api support code * Bug fix: Various coverty bug fixes by Michael Vogt * Bug fix: Correctly handles multi-arch dependencies in apt.debfile, so packagekit and gdebi can now install local multi-arch packages correctly * Bug fix: A segmentation fault has been fixed. When releasing the value of the policy attribute of an apt_pkg.Cache object, its destructor deleted the pkgPolicy, but that was managed by a CacheFile from APT, causing it to be deleted twice. * Bug fix: Tests do not depend on the contents of /tmp anymore * Bug fix: All examples and old tests have been updated to the current python-apt API * Feature: Paths can now be specified using ‘bytes’ objects instead of ‘str’ in Python 3. * Ubuntu-specific: Meta-data for Ubuntu 14.04 – although with a typo (’thar’ instead of ’tahr’), but that is fixed in git


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