April 20, 2010

GNOME Icon Theme 2.30 looks really ugly

The 2.30 version of gnome-icon-theme is really one of the worst icon themes I’ve ever seen in the last years. First of all, it does not fit into the system due to the colors chosen. I was always satisfied with the GNOME icon theme, but with the 2.30 release I can’t use it anymore since it makes my system look like a piece of sh**. Secondly, it just does not fit with the tango icon theme. I’m currently using the tango icon theme on my laptop, and after installing g-i-t 2.30, some logos suddenly started to turn black and they just did not fit anymore.

For now, I downgraded gnome-icon-theme to 2.28 to have a usable UI again. But once there are new icons in gnome-icon-theme I will be lost. Hopefully someone with a sense for UI design will fix this “design hell” created by the idiots those who created this icon theme. We don’t need a 90s icon theme.

Update: Here’s one problem, the network icon just does not fit: (not under the same license as the blog, due to legal reasons).

Update 2: I don’t like changes, but after a months or so I will probably accept it. Anyway, Google did even worse things with reordering the icons in Chromium 5. Previously, all actions were on the left (IIRC); now some are on the left, and some in the input box. Anyway, I replaced “the idiots” with “those” now, as some people felt this was overly offensive.

Update 3: I just filed two bugs at gnome.org: 616324 and 616325. Others will probably follow.

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