January 20, 2010

python-apt 0.7.93 just hit unstable.

I just uploaded python-apt 0.7.93 to unstable with support for Python 2.6 and Python 3.1, meaning that there is now a single development branch again.

This uploads brings developers the new API with real classes in apt_pkg (you can now use pydoc to view documentation), C++ bindings for making apt-pkg applications scriptable (although they should be considered experimental), a test suite (although aptsources fails in one test for now) and many new context managers for enhanced Python 3 coding fun. And objects are now freed when their reference count reaches 0. A more complete list of news can be found in the What’s New In python-apt 0.7.100 part of the documentation.

For the next releases until 0.7.100 release, the focus is clearly on fixing bugs and improving the documentation. We need more tests of the Python 3 builds, especially in areas dealing with str and unicode stuff.

Have fun, read the documentation, and code.

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