September 3, 2009


I have just switched to Chromium as my primary browser. I am running the daily-built version from the Ubuntu Jaunty PPA at on my Debian unstable box. It seems quite stable, plugins are also working (with the –enable-plugins option) and it can use the system’s GTK+ theme for most parts (the buttons, etc. inside webpages are not rendered using GTK+ yet, but the UI is). It currently cannot print and it also has some formatting issues on some websites, and it’s not passing the ACID3 test yet (there is a ‘X’ in the top-right corner). I could have switched to Midori instead, but Midori is missing a cache it seems (the option can not be enabled).

I ran the V8 and SunSpider benchmarks to compare Iceweasel 3.5, Midori 0.1.9 (using WebKit GTK+ 1.1.12) and Chromium (r25168). The result was that Iceweasel was 10x times slower than the others in the V8 benchmark and about 5 times slower in the SunSpider benchmark. The others were almost equally fast, but Chromium won the V8 benchmark with 2338 points compared to Midori’s 1666.¬†More details are in the PDF Browser Performance, which should have been an ODP, but uploading ODPs is not allowed on I also ran the V8 benchmark on Arora some time ago, but it was almost as slow as iceweasel. All tests were done on my laptop running Debian GNU/Linux unstable (amd64 architecture).

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