January 11, 2009

What have you done this week?


I wrote** 2599 lines** of documentation. More detailed I wrote 2599 lines of documentation from Thursday to Sunday.

In total, the jak branch of python-apt now has a diffstat (compared to debian-sid) of:

Changes: 113 files changed, 5845 insertions (+), 2763 deletions(-)

Partly responsible is Ben Finney, whose patches I merged. I also closed 7 bugs not relevant anymore in current versions of python-apt.

This is the changelog to from debian-sid to jak:

python-apt (0.7.9~exp2) experimental; urgency=low

  * apt/*.py:
    - Almost complete cleanup of the code
    - Remove inconsistent use of tabs and spaces (Closes: #505443)
    - Improved documentation
  * apt/debfile.py:
    - Drop get*() methods, as they are deprecated and were
      never in a stable release
    - Make DscSrcPackage working
  * apt/gtk/widgets.py:
    - Fix the code and document the signals
  * Introduce new documentation build with Sphinx
    - Contains style Guide (Closes: #481562)
    - debian/rules: Build the documentation here
    - setup.py: Remove pydoc building and add new docs.
    - debian/examples: Include examples from documentation
    - debian/python-apt.docs:
      + Change html/ to build/doc/html.
      + Add build/doc/text for the text-only documentation
  * setup.py:
    - Only create build/data when building, not all the time
    - Remove build/mo and build/data on clean -a
  * debian/control:
    - Remove the Conflicts on python2.3-apt, python2.4-apt, as
      they are only needed for oldstable (sarge)
    - Build-Depend on python-sphinx (>= 0.5)
  * aptsources/distinfo.py:
    - Allow @ in mirror urls (Closes: #478171) (LP: #223097)
  * Merge Ben Finney's whitespace changes (Closes: #481563)
  * Merge Ben Finney's do not use has_key() (Closes: #481878 )
  * Do not use deprecated form of raise statement (Closes: #494259)
  * Add support for PkgRecords.SHA256Hash (Closes: #456113)

 -- Julian Andres Klode   Sun, 11 Jan 2009 20:01:59 +0100

This will again close 7 bugs. But the most important part is to actually have the complete documentation (OK, some descriptions are missing, but all classes,functions,methods,attributes,data should be there now).

I still need to rearrange parts of the documentation and add some descriptions to some pieces, but all in all I am satisfied with what I have done this week.

Take a look at the documentation: http://people.debian.org/~jak/python-apt-doc/apt/, it received documentation for 9 new classes today.

I also added an entry to the DeveloperNews page on wiki.debian.org.

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