January 9, 2009

News from the python-apt front: NEW and COOL DOCUMENTATION

I have been working the whole week on python-apt and the result is the jak branch. This implements some of the proposals I made in my last post, but has one very interesting feature: REAL COOL DOCUMENTATION.

After Sandro Tosi told me in a comment in my last post that the real big problem with python-apt is a lack of documentation, I immediately started writing it. UsingreStructuredText and Sphinx, we now have a really cool and much more detailed documentation. (Although it is not really finished yet [it contains everything, but there is still room to improve]).

The whole documentation is available at http://people.debian.org/~jak/python-apt-doc/, and the source is in my branch at http://bzr.debian.org/users/jak/python-apt/jak", which can be browsed via Loggerhead at: http://bzr.debian.org/loggerhead/users/jak/python-apt/jak/changes

It also contains a lot of cleanup, whitespace removal (bundled in one commit), and improved docstrings. And apt.debfile and apt.gtk.widgets should work completely now. Oh, and apt.cdrom now supports sources.list.d.

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