May 22, 2008

Ubuntu: swfdec using ffmpeg in PPA

I created a version of swfdec 0.6.6 using mad and ffmpeg instead of gstreamer, because with gstreamer it failed to play multiple videos on

The release is available in my PPA at:

deb hardy main
deb-src hardy main

I will also provide some builds of the development branch (0.7.1) soon.

**Update:**Maybe it was not clear, but the videos crashed the browser. It also didn’t really work in totem and I’m still looking for the source of the problem. I have every available gstreamer plugin package installed. Try it yourself, It works with gnash, but gnash does not work with wordpress stats page.

Update 2: I now found the real problem: I had an binary version of fluendo’s mp3 plugin installed (from, which caused the crash. After removing the file, everything works. (using fluendo-mp3 shipped with Ubuntu).

Update 3: I removed the ffmpeg version from my PPA, as it is not needed.

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