March 12, 2008

Ubuntu stuff: gnash 0.8.2 for gutsy, ndisgtk, aufs

A backport of gnash 0.8.2 is available in my PPA at

deb <a href=""></a> <span>gutsy</span> main

I wanted to try it, but I had no time to compile it, so I uploaded it to the PPA. The next day, I had a compiled backport.

I don’t use it actively because it does not support some sites I visit.

Another news is the recent addition of ndisgtk to the ship and ship-live seeds, which means it will be available on the disk.

BTW, recent Ubuntu Hardy images (including Alpha 6) have support for using aufs instead of unionfs, simply add union=aufs to the kernel options. It may help if you have problems with unionfs and should be faster and more stable.

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