March 4, 2008

gimmie (ITA) and the new menu policy + building with pristine-tar

While working on Bug#460620: ITA: gimmie – elegant desktop organizer, I noticed that I need to upgrade debian/menu to the new policy.

Currently, gimmie uses Apps/Tools, but what should I use now? It does not fit into the other sections. Recommendations?

Other important changes:

  * I am the new maintainer
  * Gmenu and sexy extensions are not built, instead the python-gmenu and python-sexy packages are used
  * Gimmie's extensions are compiled for Python 2.4 and Python 2.5
  * debian/copyright uses the format defined at [](
  * The suspend and hibernations buttons are back again ([Commit](;a=commit;h=485f334993753f9afb98ed11e686abbe08abff36))

The package is maintained in a git repo in the collab-maint project, and can be viewed online using Gitweb. You can get the source from its repo at git://

To create the orig.tar.gz tarballs, you need to have pristine-tar installed. To build the package, install git-buildpackage (from unstable) and pristine-tar and simply run ‘git-buildpackage –git-pristine-tar’

The same instructions also apply to building readahead-list, which can be found at git://

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