February 14, 2008

Ubuntu: aufs with casper 1.118 / ndisgtk 0.8.1 / ndisgtk in main?

Colin Watson today uploaded casper 1.118, now supporting aufs. To use aufs in future Ubuntu disks built with casper 1.118 or newer, use union=aufs. Please test it.

Another upload today was ndisgtk 0.8.1-1ubuntu1, bringing Ubuntu up-to-date with Debian and closing 3 bugs.

BTW, I requested to include ndisgtk in main, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MainInclusionReportNdisgtk. Having ndisgtk on the Ubuntu disks would be very useful for users without linux network drivers available and without enough experiences to use ndiswrapper from the commandline.

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