February 4, 2008

uploads and machine-readable copyright

Two days ago, zobel uploaded some of my package updates for me.

One of them was ndisgtk 0.8.1, which adds more translations and fixes some problems. I intent to create a 0.9 release soon, with support for PolicyKit. I will upload the release candidate of this version to Debian experimental and Ubuntu Hardy.

The other upload was readahead-list 1:1.20060421.1016-1, which I found on the Gentoo mirrors, but not where previous releases were located. This is OK, because the upstream author is a Gentoo developer and uploaded this tarball himself. I already requested to sync this release into Ubuntu Hardy, to reduce the diff between both distributions.

In both uploads, I changed the format of debian/copyright to match http://wiki.debian.org/Proposals/CopyrightFormat. I will also change my other packages in their next uploads, and hope that other maintainers also use the new format, especially for NEW packages. I some cases (especially when you are upstream + packager), this format is also shorter.

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